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Health & Grooming

Sphynx cats have a high metabolism due to the lack of fur to help keep them warm.  it is important that they have a supply of food available for them at all times.  we feed our cats premium cat food, along with raw food to provide additional nutrients and vitamins.



Bathing: when it comes to Bathing your kitten, it should happen about every 2-3 weeks in order to prevent built up oils that can overcome your hairless baby.  Since your furless friend does not have fur to absorb their natural oils on their skin, it is essential that you do bathe them.

We use johnson & Johnson baby wash on our no-fur friends.


Ears & Nails

Ears: Ears should be cleaned weekly with a cotton ball/q tips to prevent build up.  since sphynx cats do not have hair in their ears to prevent dirt and build up, it is essential to help combat the oil build up.


Nails: clipping nails is nice and easy with nail clippers, however when bathing your best friend, please remember to clean their nails as there is oil build up there as well.

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